HAM Radio Propagation Information

This page intends to collect as much weather links of interest for Radio Amateurs (HAM's). Weather on Earth has several sources. Weather has an effect on behaviour of radiowaves
Not only weather does effect these radiowaves, there are also other
sources outside Earth.
activity, or none activity of the Sun has also major/minor effect to radio propagation.
meteorshowers are a subject of interest because of the short effects on radiowaves.
This page will have three main subjects :
Earthweather, Spaceweather, Radiopropagation

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Thanks a lot, Peter de Blécourt PB2RDF.

  Earthweather www.n3kl.org Solar X-rays:  Status
  Spaceweather Solar Wind Data Geomagnetic Field: Status
  Radiopropagation D-Region Absorption Prediction (SEC real-time display)  
  Weather PB2RDF PS On Line ToolBox (Browser version 4.x required)  
    Weerstation PB2RDF
  weer Capelle a/d IJssel weer


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